Repair & Manufacturing

All modifications on the new ABB LV motors are done in our workshop. These modifications includes: special windings, shafts, brakes, forced cooling, special bearings, heaters, thermistors, temperature probes and IP rating changes. To name but a few of the more than 250 variances which are available for this product range. They all carry a full factory warranty.

All mechanical repairs are done in our fully equipped machine shop, these services include micro-welding and machining of worn shafts as well as milling, drilling and slotting operations needed in the repair and manufacture of components.

Specialised assembly and manufacturing areas in the workshop are dedicated to the manufacture and assembly of new pumps, submersible motors and gearboxes.

All testing of repaired and manufactured equipment is performed in house. We have a well equipped Testing Section, which assures that our customers get only the very best quality product.

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