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The history of Super Armature Winding

Super Armature Winding was established in 1964 by Mr Willie van Niekerk and his father. Currently, the company is owned by his sons Willem, Jan and Hannes van Niekerk and an Employees Trust.

All employees form part of the Employees trust. The Trust holds 31% of the shares. Super Armature Winding Africa has been B-BBEE compliant since 2003.

Willie van Niekerk - co-founder of Super Armature Winding Africa
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Repair and Manufacture

All Electrical and Mechanical repairs are done in our workshop in Kimberley. The largest machine that the workshop can handle is 15 Ton assembled.

Repairs include LV and MV motors, DC motors, alternators, generators, transformers, pumps, motor and gearbox combinations as well as fans.

In our service workshop, we have special areas for specialized services we render. This includes a clean room for the manufacture of MV coils, a winding area for LV and MV, DC stators, rotors and armatures.

All mechanical repairs are done in our fully equipped machine shop, these services include micro-welding and machining of worn shafts as well as milling, drilling and slotting operations needed in the repair and manufacture of components.

Specialized assembly and manufacturing areas in the workshop are dedicated to the manufacture and assembly of new pumps, submersible motors and gearboxes.

All testing of repaired and manufactured equipment is performed in house. We have a well equipped Testing Section, which assures that our customers get only the very best quality product.

rewinding motor armature
newly renovated transformer
submersible motor winding
Dynamic balancing machine

Specialized Service

  • On-site machine diagnostics for fault finding and predictive maintenance.
  • Surge Comparison and Hi-Pot tests.
  • Vibration Analyses.
  • Laser Alignment.
  • Dynamic Balancing on-site.
  • Electrical Discharge Detection on bearings.
  • Thermal Imaging.
  • Installation and Commissioning of machines.
  • Pump energy audit. 
Laser alignment for couplings
thermal imaging
ABB medium voltage motor commissioning
ABB value provider logo

Super Armature Winding Africa is an authorized value provider for: 

  • ABB Motors.
  • ABB Variable Speed Drives
  • Mechanical Power Transmission Products
We currently import ABB High-Efficiency LV Motors for the Southern Africa region.
We stock a full range from 0.37kW up to 400kW in both 400v and 525v.
Up to 1000kW is available in this range by special orders.
Collage of low voltage and high voltage motors, drives and power transmissions
GUNDFOS Autherised Sub Factory logo

We manufacture the following Grundfos Products:

  • MMS submersible motor range from 37kW to 220kW
  • Assembling of Grundfos borehole pumps SP 17 to SP 215

These products have a full Grundfos Factory warranty.

Grundfos SP borehole pump spares
Grundfos authorised service partner logo

Grundfos Authorized Service Partner

As a Service Partner for Grundfos, we provide full technical support and after-sales service in our workshop and on-site for both maintenance and repairs.

Using only Grundfos original service parts.

Grundfos pump spares
Dodge Quantis Build Center Logo

Dodge Quantis Authorized Build Center

Super Armature Winding Africa is the Authorised Build Center for Dodge Quantis Gearboxes.

The DODGE QUANTIS product line offers a full range of modular gear drives engineered for flexibility, greater torque and density in a compact housing configuration, with an increased horsepower capability from 0.18 kW to 50kW.

The QUANTIS family of products offers the customer three types of gear reducers:

Dodge Quantis Inline Helical gear reducer
  • ILH Single Extension Solid Shaft
Dodge Quantis Right-Angle Helical Bevel gear reducer
  • RHB Single Extension Solid Shaft
    Double Extension Solid Shaft
    Hollow Bore
    Twin Tapered Bushing
    Shrink Disk (metric only)
Dodge Quantis motorized Shaft Mount
  • MSM Single Extension Solid Shaft
    Hollow Bore
    Twin Tapered Bushing
    Shrink Disk (metric only)